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RW-250 Vial Washer

A semi-automatic vial washer for low speed pharmaceutical and biotech applications. The output is, dependent on the operator and vial size, 30-70 vials/min. Typical batch size: 2,000-12,000 vials. Vial range 2-100ml. (change parts required). The RW-250 includes 6 stations for WFI cleaning and sterile air blowing. The RW-250 is designed for clinical studies and start-up companies

Optionally, a WFI skid with an 80 liter tank is available Heating elements bring the WFI up to 80° The skid includes a sanitary centrifugal pump, providing the vial washer with 70psi (5 bar) water. After cleaning, the vials are discharged into a tray.

RW-250 advantages over batch washer

1. The RW-250 does require minimal vial handling.

Batch washers work with vial racks that need to be loaded by hand. The rack needs to be placed in the washer by hand. The lid needs to be closed by hand. After washing, the lid has to be opened, the rack with vials removed by hand, inverted and placed in a tray. Every operator interference means particle generation.

2. The RW-250 has dedicated media nozzles. Batch washers have fixed nozzles for WFI, recycled WFI and sterile air. This is not considered c-GMP and is not acceptable on vials washers.

3. A stand-alone WFI skid is available. The RW-250 is not dependent on an existing WFI loop.

4. Water consumption on batch washers is 2-3 times the water consumption of the RW-250. This can optionally be aided by the option of intermittent spraying

Features and benefits:

Vial holders

The RW-250 features 8 vial holders that hold the vials at the neck. Depending on the vials format, up to five vials can be placed in the vial holder. The vial holders are constructed from AISI316L stainless steel.

There are no springs, grippers or any other moving parts that generation particles. Glass chipping or breakage is virtually impossible.


The machine includes a user-friendly Proface PLC LT3000 series capable of providing full control and monitoring of the machine. A menu guides the operator through the operations of the machine. Fault conditions are displayed, should they occur, informing the operator of the status of the machine.

Piping System

All pipes in contact with WFI and sterile air are constructed of 316L stainless steel; their internal surfaces are electro polished. Orbital welding is applied whenever possible. All water pipes and manifolds are pitched 10mm per meter to prevent water stagnation after shutdown. No dead-legs are present in the entire piping system. The entire piping system is designed to run from high to low, hence preventing water stagnation.

Transparent Cover

A transparent cover permits visual verification of the flow of every nozzle. Safety provisions are in place to prevent water spraying when the cover is not located over the washing chamber. A 4” steam vent-pipe is attached to the cover to allow the steam to be vented out of the washing room.

Washing Program RW-250

Station 1: Infeed vials. Vials are inverted between stations 1 and 2
Station 2: Sterile air blowing, inside only
Station 3: Water For Injection, inside and outside
Station 4: Water For Injection, inside only
Station 5: Water For Injection, inside and outside
Station 6: Water For Injection, inside only
Station 7: Sterile air blowing, inside and outside.
Vials are up-righted between stations 7 and 8
Station 8: Outfeed vials.


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