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HAMO PG-1300

Hamo Cleaning equipment for industrial and life sciences fields are special cleaning equipment designed to process critical components such as, fermentation containers, big bottles, glassware, components of filling and packing-machines, mixers, cones, palettes, boxes, tabletting-tools, and other parts from the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, cosmetic and food industries.


The polished chamber (with only three openings) and tubing are designed to fully drain. The chamber ceiling and the chamber are designed with slopes to achieve a quick and full emptying. On request the chamber is equipped with internal lighting, to monitor the process during cleaning.

Technical Execution / Tubing / Components

The machine are designed, built and documented according the latest requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, such as EHEDG, FDA, cGMP and GAMP. As for example:

Load- and Unloading

By means of an external transport trolley the machines are loaded and unloaded. Automated systems with feed- in and feed-out roller conveyors are also available.

Dosing Pumps

Up to four detergents or additives are dosed (monitored by a flow-meter) into the machine; the dosing volume set values are part of the wash-cycle setting; the pumps are integrated in the machine.


All media-supplies (except drain) are from above:

  • The electrical and pneumatic supply
  • Up to three separate water supplies
  • Up to 4 additives/detergents
  • Clean-air supply (eg for blow-out of process-piping)
  • Control

    The machine is controlled via a modern Control-system (Siemens) which stands for reliability and flexibility.The visualization (HMI) runs on a touch screen. The cleaning cycles are individually configured to be adapted to the soiling and the specific requirements of the wash-load. The integrated user management on the software allows easy configuration of the access-levels of each usergroup. Specific user-group have different access-rights; therefore configuration or changes on cleaning-processes can only be made by authorized personal.

    Technical Data



    External Dimension mm (inches)





    2300 (90,6)

    2950 (116,2)

    1700 (66,9)

    Usable Dimension mm

    W x D x H (inches)

    1300 x 1300 x 1000

    (51,2 x 51,2 x 39,4)



    EHEDG, FDA, EMA, cGMP as well GAMP

    FDA 21 CFR part 110: Food

    FDA 21 CFR part 210/211: Pharma

    FDA 21 CFR part 177: non ss-parts

    FDA 21 CFR part 11: Electronic records


    Material certificate 2.1, 2.2, 3.1


    Stainless steel in contact with wash media

    AISI 316L / 1.4401 / 1.4404 / 1.4435 electro polished


    3x 400V, 50 Hz


    Four different water (eg Tap water, WFI, Demi, Osmose etc)


    6–8 bar, oil free


    Saturated steam 2–6 bar (optional)


    50 l/min gravity



    Download PDF data-sheet


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