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TP-4 Tunnel Loader

The TP-4 row-by-row tunnel loader is designed for tunnels with belts over 600mm wide. The benefit of the TP-4 is that the tunnel belt movement can be synchronized with the TP-4 movement at vial format level. This results in an optimum tunnel loading pattern without gaps in the vial pack. This in turn contributes to an even heat distribution in the sterilizing chamber of the tunnel. The TP-4 is PLC-controlled so that the loading speed and travel distance are automatically set per vial format.

Row-by-row loading is the preferred method of loading larger sterilizing tunnels. The tunnel belt and the TP-4 tunnel loader move in a synchronized fashion. In addition, with the use of a servo motor, the vials are loaded in a nested pattern. Compared to the “reverse funnel” loading method, there is a virtually no glass-to-glass friction (read: particle generation). An added benefit is that the TP-4 will clear the dead plate at the end of the batch. TP-4 is an innovative and sophisticated design in tunnel loading and can be used with every “single-file-outfeed” vial washer.



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