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Amsonic 400R

The Amsonic 400R Series is a compact and powerful all-purpose single chamber cleaning unit used for the application of non-chlorinated solvents. Multistage cleaning with the following work steps: immerse cleaning, rinsing, vapour degreasing, vacuum drying.

The unit has a throughput of a maximum of 6 charges per hour each at 50 to 100 kg (depending on the type of unit). The cleaning and drying process are carried out under vacuum.


The advantage of the Amsonic 400R Series lies within the compact mode of construction and the closed cleaning system. The solvent is continuously regenerated by the integrated distillation. This guarantees a consistent cleaning quality even when working in three shifts.

Cleaning process

The basic cleaning process consists of the following sequence:


User friendly control


Amsonic 400R Series units are serially equipped with a PC with which all processes can be documented, controlled and validated.


The cleaning unit can be completely automated (automatic loading/unloading) and integrated into a production process. The integrated reading station automatically identifies the cleaning program that has to be carried out.

Environmental friendliness/Safety

The Amsonic 400R Series parts cleaning unit corresponds to all European regulations concerning environment and safety.

Solvent type




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