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Delama DLVS - Vertical saturated steam sterilizers

The successes and failures in the processes of steam sterilization depend on the combined action of three critical factors: temperature, time of exposure and the presence of saturated steam.

DE Lama’s vacuum sterilizers assure a fast and efficient steam sterilization at all times.

Here are the details of our single wall steam sterilization autoclaves for treatment of materials used at pharmaceutical industry laboratories, institutes and research centers, virology and microbiology laboratories, in the sanitary/hospital field and in the food sector, which have to be extracted moist or not entirely dry.

Check out our vacuum sterilizers from the DLVS Series.

Made from standard models with capacities from 40 liters to 170 liters.

Configurations also appropriate to specific customer needs.

In compliance with :

cGMP, GAMP, EN 285, EMC 89/336/EC, 93/68/EC, 73/23/EC, PED 97/23/EC.

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