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Delama DLOAV - Air/Steam mixture sterilizers

De Lama‘s range of steam autoclaves was born thanks to the experience and constant attention in the search for optimal solutions from the point of view of quality, functionality and reliability.

Our steam autoclaves are used for treatment of infusion/ high-volume parenteral solutions, packed in sealed containers (e.g. bottles, glass bottles or plastic bags) without any kind of ‘blushing’ phenomena.

The special design of our vacuum autoclaves, the use of high quality standard components and the absolute reliability make these sterilizers of a higher quality in respect to others available in this important market segment.

Air/steam horizontal vacuum autoclaves.

Design options for the treatment of packaged food products with pasteurization cycle

Made both in standard and custom models.

Capacity from 1,000 liters to 30,000 liters.

In compliance with :

cGMP, FDA for LVP and SVP, GAMP, Technical Reports “Parenteral Drug Association”, “Parenteral Society” Tutorals, EMC 89/336/EC, 93/68/EC, 73/23/EC, PED 97/23/EC.


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