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TP-1 Tunnel Loader

The TP-1 is compact tunnel loader suitable for sterilizing tunnels with a belt width of up to 600mm. The TP-1 accommodates the full range of pharmaceutical vials, from 2-100ml, without change parts. Even small unstable 2ml vials are gently loaded onto the tunnel belt without tipping over. The TP-1 allows full access to the tunnel infeed area.

The TP-1 tunnel loader is designed as a low-cost interface between the vial washer and the sterilizing tunnel.

There are no change parts (e.g. infeed screws) and it eliminates the “reverse tunnel” infeed method. The TP-1 is an innovative and simple design in tunnel loading and can be used with every “ single-file-outfeed” vial washer.





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