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Pharmastill Multi-effect - MS-E


The Pharmastill MS-E has been designed by Stilmas for application in case industrial steam is not available.

Construction characteristics

The Pharmastill MS-E is composed of a first column provided with electrical heaters. Pure steam is generated in this column, and sent to the second effect, which is a standard column of the “steam heated” Pharmastill; here pure steam condensates on the shell side of the condenser, with consequent additional evaporation of feed water pipe side – as in the standard Pharmastill.

The installation of a suitable number of columns is suggested in order to minimize the installed electric power.

Stilmas has developed Pharmastill MS-E with up to 6 columns even for limited capacities (from 100 l/h), in order to grant the best energy efficiency, which is of outstanding importance in case of electrical feeding.


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